Cronosurf a technology demonstrator for design and usability of watches and chronographs. Today, different designs are available as native apps for Android and Android Wear, and partially for Tizen (Samsung Galaxy watches).

Cronosurf is a cutting edge watch creation that started 2014 as a web-based full interactive chronograph watch. This first design concept, the model Wave, brought many new features and some unique functions like the date rings for the monthly calendar. One year later, Wave was made available for Android. At the same time, Cronosurf brought out different watch models and started to extend the apps with (Android) Wear OS support, thus bringing Cronosurf for the first time to people’s wrists. Today, some Cronosurf models support Tizen and thus Samsung Galaxy watches.

The overall philosophy of Cronosurf is to combine an appealing design with unprecedented usability and innovative features on timepieces and chronographs. The first stage consists in demonstrating different designs concepts through software applications and in reaching as many watch enthusiasts as possible. The next natural step will be to go into production of real wrist watches.

Cronosurf - Surf the time

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